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September 14, 2009
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How Well-Educated, Hard-Working Americans are Treated in America

Rennie Sawade

Many American IT workers are being forced out of their careers, while corporations continue to offshore jobs and hire non-immigrant guest workers on corporate Visas, such as the H-1B and L-1.

Some of these American IT workers are being forced into homelessness, due to the lack of an adequate social safety net in this country. One such homeless IT worker is Bruce Richall, an IT consultant in Connecticut. You can read his story on the BBC news site.

After his lay-off from a bank, he has been unable to find another job. After going through his savings, he was forced to leave his apartment. "I now sleep in the back of my car, while I wait for a bed to become available at the homeless shelter. I call it The Hotel Honda."

Another homeless IT worker, Rob, is blogging about his experiences. He also continues to write about such topics as "cloud computing", which he feels is the next major paradigm shift after virtualization.

Another IT worker, Alice (not her real name), was laid of by Microsoft back in January. She worked on a team of 7, four of which (including the manager) are on guest-worker visas. She was the only one on her team that was affected by the lay-off. None of the other guest-workers were laid off. She also states in her testimony:

Guest workers occupy every management position at every level of my former management chain. The lowest level American manager is the Senior Vice President, a second level direct report to the CEO, Steve Ballmer.

Here are some more excerpts from her testimony:

I am an American citizen, displaced Microsoft employee, and one of the MS1400 (1,400 workers laid off from Microsoft Corporation January 22, 2009).

I have worked in the high tech industry for over 20 years and never been unemployed. I grew up in a typical middle class American family, the daughter of a career Army Sergeant (POW and recipient of two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star) and Pharmacist. I attended Goucher College on a full scholarship, thanks in part to Senator Paul Sarbanes.

In 1985, I completed my MBA in Computer Applications from New York University, attending graduate school nights and weekends while working full time. I started out working as a file clerk for a company that provided tuition reimbursement so I could pay for graduate school. Through hard work and perseverance, I worked my way up the corporate ladder, transitioning my career from pink collar jobs to Systems Analyst and promoted to Vice President, JP Morgan at age 31.

In 1992, I transitioned into my career into Software Sales and Marketing working for top firms including IBM and Microsoft. In 2004, I joined Microsoft as a Marketing Manager, and have been working in the same role as Product Manager, Microsoft Office since May 2006.

On January 22, 2009, I was the only person on a team of seven people laid off.

My team of seven, a supervisor and six Microsoft Office Product Managers, in similar roles, employed four guest workers. Three of these guest workers have worked in the United States less than one year. All guest workers on my team retained their jobs as full-time US employees of Microsoft Corporation.

Despite my seniority, contributions, and qualifications, the management team of my organization, exclusively guest workers , chose to lay me off and retain less experienced, less qualified guest workers, including two L-visa guest workers in similar roles, each working in the United States less than six months.

That same day Microsoft also notified me "as a result of the reorganization and restructuring at Microsoft Corporation, your position is being permanently eliminated as part of a layoff."

The director of my department informed me that my role was not "strategic", therefore my position was permanently eliminated, and I was laid off.

Later I learned that my role had been split between a Microsoft full-time employee and contractor replacement(s).
A top corporate priority project I initiated was immediately re-assigned to another employee.

This employee assumed my role as project manager and is continuing my work with the vendor I hired to help me, on the work I specified, to complete milestones I defined, and invoice against the Purchase Order I opened.

Microsoft has engaged Artech Information an H1-B outsourcing company, to replace parts of my role with a contractor.

Imagine my surprise, just three weeks after I was laid off, to receive an email and voice mail from Artech Info on February 12, 2009 with an urgent need to fill a contractor position at Microsoft for a Product Manager.
The contractor job description - a watered down version of my former eliminated position!

The recruiter from Artech informed me 02/12/2009 that the maximum wage for the job was $32/hour. This wage, 50% lower than my salary one month earlier, is 63% lower than the 2007 median BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) wage for the job role, Marketing Manager. According to the BLS, there are an abundance of qualified Americans to fill these highly coveted roles.

According to Artech, the lower wage was "due to economy".

Artech needed to know my intent to apply for the position immediately.

Why? They had a previously scheduled meeting the next day with the hiring manager to present candidates.

Sadly, my situation is not unique.

Alice was just notified a couple days ago that she does not qualify for the Emergency Extension of Unemployment Benefits. She was also just notified by her mortgage company that she does not qualify to have her mortgage renegotiated.

Another tech-worker, Diane Drozdowski, was forced out of her job at American Express in Phoenix, AZ. After her manager used "bully tactics and psychological warfare" to try to get her to quit, resulting in a mental breakdown, she was replaced by two Indian workers based in India. American Express flew these Indian workers to Phoenix and forced her to train them, upon threat of losing her severance pay.

Diane Drozdowski's testimony is below:

I had been working for the American Express service center in Phoenix, AZ for four years. I was basically a "data miner" for the Merchant Services group. I had access to all the different databases and data warehouses that captured merchant data. I worked with internal customers to query the data in order to provide reports for merchants or to drive business initiatives by locating process gaps and using the data to prove the gap existed and to provide insight to possible solutions based on my knowledge of the data and the business.

For three years, I received exceptional reviews. Each year I was with the company, I received a better review than the previous year. That all stopped when an Indian woman took over the management roll for my team. She instituted monthly one-to-one sessions, which I thought would be a great way to provide me constructive and positive feedback to better my work and my career. That was definitely not the case. In each one-to-one I was met with her blatant hostility toward me. She picked apart everything I did and did not give me positive feedback. According to her, there was always something I should've done better and faster. I am admittedly a perfectionist, so I took her negative feedback very much to heart and tried harder than I ever had before in my life to meet and exceed expectations; whatever her expectations were, because I could never get her to tell me exactly what she expected.

Instead of things getting better, things got worse. Every single one-to-one I had with her, she came down on me for not doing a good enough job. Once when I was at her desk waiting to have an informal meeting with another colleague, she announced to me very loudly that I better start trying harder and doing better work, or I would get a "does not meet expectations" on my review. This astounded me, as I have never in my entire business career gotten a review like that. If anything, I'm always the one who excels and achieves the "goes beyond expectations" review. Plus, since she said this in a public setting, my peers sitting around us heard this, and I was publicly humiliated.

On another occasion, I was informed I was being considered to participate in a grand jury for a federal court case. I did not have a backup at work. My backups were laid off years ago, so I had been doing the jobs of three people with no way to take time off since management had never established a backup for when I was gone. When I took vacation time, work just didn't get done, as no one else in the department had the skill set to be able to actively step into my roll and provide adequate backup support. Instead of understanding that jury duty is my civic duty as an American citizen, my manager instead put pressure on me to get out of going. The rules around jury duty have gotten much stricter in the past years, and the government has made it very difficult to dodge jury duty. Seeing as I had no disability to keep me from going, I had no recourse but to go along with it, and I was on call for jury duty for approximately three months. Each time I'd call in to see if my group had been picked for duty, I dreaded having to tell her the status, because this would incite a barrage of hostility from her. She told me that if I were to get called to go to the court house that I should "get drunk first" so that they would kick me out. This upset me, as I do not drink because my grandmother died from complications of alcoholism. She also pressured me to "act like a crazy person" to get kicked out, and also to "tell them you endorse (name of local politician withheld)" to get kicked out. This really upset me as well, as I do support the local politician she named, and it made me feel like there was something wrong with me for feeling that way.

The last straw for me was the day she ripped into me for my supposed lack of good time management skills. I have always prided myself on my time management skills and have been given nothing but positive feedback from customers, peers, and past managers for my sense of urgency and my timely communications regarding project turn around times. It was common for me to fulfill a request for data in as little as 30 minutes from time of receipt, even though department standard was three to five business days from time of receipt. But instead of applauding this, she directed hostility toward me. She requested that instead of sending an email to a customer to set expectations of a turn around time for a request (if I knew it was going to take longer than three to five business days to complete) that I wait and send one big email at the end of each day to everyone who had requested data to let them know the turnaround timeline expectations. When I repeated this back to her to make sure I understood her expectations, she immediately took on a defensive and hostile tone with me. She replied that wasn't what she wanted me to do, and that instead, I should go to the requestor's desk in person to set expectations verbally face-to-face. I found this confusing, because an email took me 30 seconds to write and send (plus it provided an audit trail). Getting up from my desk and trying to find customers in the huge service center building seemed like it would take considerably more time than just shooting out a quick email. When I questioned her on this, she blew up at me. I remember her asking me in a very hostile tone, "Why do you always have to do everything I tell you to?" And then I remember her telling me that I need to be thinking of ways on my own to work most efficiently. I explained that I was already doing what I thought was most efficient for the company. I honestly can't tell you what she said after that, because my brain felt like somebody flipped the "off" switch on it. The last thing I remember is her just hanging up on me.

I somehow managed to contact my husband at work, and I was so upset that he was scared for my safety and immediately came and got me. I called my doctor's office and told them I thought I was having a mental breakdown. They booked an appointment for me to see one of the physicians immediately. I remember the lady on the phone asking if I was having suicidal thoughts, and I told her that yes, I was. The realization of feeling as though I'd rather be dead further drove me into breakdown. I was advised to go to the emergency room immediately if my condition worsened before my scheduled doctor appointment.

At the appointment, the physician observed my physical and mental symptoms and diagnosed a mental breakdown. He advised me to not go back to work for minimally six weeks in order to recuperate and heal from the experience and the toxic work environment.

My husband called my manager to let her know I'd be out on medical leave for minimally six weeks. She demanded that he tell her what was wrong with me, but we knew our rights under the HIPAA act. Technically, she was not allowed to ask what was wrong with me. My husband remarked that she took on an angry tone with him when he refused to tell her about my medical situation.

During the first six weeks of my medical leave, I spent the first two to three weeks in a trance like state. I had been put on prescription medications to treat depression and anxiety. I was instructed by my psychiatrist to take Xanax during the day to keep from having panic attacks and to take Xanax at night just to be able to sleep without having nightmares about my job. I began psychotherapy immediately and went to sessions one to two times per week. My psychotherapist also concluded I had experienced a mental breakdown and advised me that my manager had used bully tactics and psychological warfare on me to push me to my breaking point. My manager had put me in a "fight or flight" situation, as I had been trying to control and repress my composure for the five months she had served as my manager. My body's response was flight. The physiological response of the body to flight is to just shut down to protect the brain and body from further harm. I wished I could just die, and I felt paranoid for weeks thinking people were following me in my car. I couldn't even go to the grocery store by myself, because I thought everyone there was staring at me and knew how worthless I was. I could not concentrate and had a very hard time speaking. Thoughts would come into my head and before I could even voice them, they were gone. I often felt like I was just a lost soul.

My recuperation was slow, and by the time six weeks had come and gone, both my doctor and my psychotherapist felt it best to take another six weeks off from work to make sure my recovery was stable. There was fear on behalf of my health professionals that returning to work too soon might incite another breakdown, because I still did not have the appropriate amount of strength in my brain to be able to deal with the toxic environment at American Express.

Within a few weeks after my medical leave had began, a teammate let me know that my boss had posted two data analyst positions just like my position, but they were open to Indian candidates only (in the American Express India center in New Delhi). Upon my return to work from my medical leave, I asked my manager about these positions. She told me they were being hired to offer me backup, and that I'd be the lead over the team and remain the central U.S. data contact for Merchant Services. But I could see the writing on the wall. It was no surprise to me when I was pulled into a conference room a month after my return and was told my job had been migrated to India. I was told I had 45 days left with the company, and that the two people from India who'd be taking my job would be flown to Arizona for me to train. Not only did they take my job and my livelihood, but the ultimate insult was that I had to train them to do my job, and if I didn't train them well, American Express threatened they would withhold my 12 weeks of severance pay. So I spent the next 45 days training these men the best I could. Neither of them had experience with data query nor writing SQL code. It was my opinion that they lacked the skill set necessary to do the job as well or better than me. It was as if they had literally hired these two individuals off the street with no skills and no background. Their only qualifying "skills" seemed to be the color of their skin and their ethnicity.

At the time, I was making approximately $47,000 a year. The two Indians taking my job told me they were getting paid $10,000 a year each. How can I even come close to being able to compete with that? Who in America can support a family on $10,000 a year without taking state aid?

In summary, it is my opinion that my manager purposely created a hostile work environment in order to make me quit so that the company wouldn't have to pay out the severance package to me. I could not go to my director for help, because she was a huge advocate of my manager. I did not feel comfortable going to her, as I knew it would be my word against my manager's word. That's a battle that I'll lose every time.

I also feel that I am the victim of reverse discrimination. I firmly believe I was forced out of the company because my manager does not like Americans, especially Caucasians. Since I left the company, many of my colleagues have also had their jobs migrated to India. On my old team alone, two new workers have been hired to backfill positions, and one is from India and the other is from Pakistan.

So now, here I sit at home on this computer writing my story to you. I am well educated (BA in Sociology, Indiana University, 1994), I have 15 years of work experience, and I am unemployed. Due to the bad economy, I have so far been unsuccessful in finding a new job. I'm over qualified for what little jobs are out there. The jobs I am qualified for are not paying very much, because companies know they can hire a foreign worker at a much cheaper rate than what Americans demand. I'm not even getting called for first interviews. Once I provide my salary requirements, I get the "no thanks" letter. I'm very fearful of going on an interview, because my manager made me feel like I am worthless and that nobody else would want to hire me. What she did to me was long-term psychological damage, and I continue to recuperate from it to this day. There is not a single day that goes by where I don't think about what happened to me and how my manager and that company treated me. It has forever changed my life.

I'm now drawing a weekly unemployment claim, for which I receive $237 a week. I can barely pay my bills or support my two children.

I wish somebody could give me a good explanation as to how sending American jobs to India or giving American jobs to H1-B visa holders is helping the U.S. economy and American workers. Until you spend a day in my shoes or the shoes of another American citizen who lost his/her job to foreign workers, I ask you how you can do anything less than support the H1B and L1 Visa Reform Act. This is just my story, but there are millions more like it all across our country. Perhaps politicians should get down in the trenches with people like me; people who spent a lot of money and time to get college degrees; people who spent many years building upon their careers; people who have worked 60 hours or more a week for years in the hopes of "getting ahead." We are now sadly unemployed. We are the forgotten Americans who have been left behind to suffer while we continue to watch our fellow Americans losing their jobs to foreigners.

I have never been on welfare in my life, and it sickens me now that I must depend on it. But knowing I need to feed my children and keep a safe roof over their heads makes me do things I thought I'd never have to do in life. Goodbye, my pride.

Even union members are not immune to being replaced by guest workers. Char was an employee of AT&T and a member of CWA in 2001 when AT&T closed the Oak Brook, IL office. Char, and over 300 other employees were laid off, but not before having to train their replacement guest workers.

Within 2 weeks of closing our office in Oak Brook IL, AT&T had begun busing in TATA contract workers on L1 visas to the closed office for training (knowledge transfer). 2 CWA local presidents Steve Tsiza of 4250 and Dan Danaher of 4998 both went to the national CWA with complaints. It went nowhere! Steve Tsiza, a member of the AFL/CIO of Illinois brought the issue there too. The outcome - ILLINOIS's AFL-CIO made a public stance toward opposition to the H1B visa program.

We had a special meeting with Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. He promised to our faces he would get to the bottom of this. He did nothing. When following up with CWA in Washington DC, we were ignored.

Guest worker programs also affect college graduates. Even graduates from top colleges are not able to find jobs while local companies continue to hire guest workers. Stephanie Berry is the daughter of the Programmers Guild president, Kim Berry.

Stephanie Berry graduated from the University of Southern California with dual STEM degrees, including a M.S. in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering. She graduated with a high GPA of 3.840. However, she has been unable to find a job, even while the Department of Labor is reserving jobs in the Civil Engineering category for H-1B guest workers. You can read her full story on the Programmers Guild website.

Talkback on Article
Jan 9, 2010, 1:21 pm
Graduated in 2002 with EE and CS degrees from a top-20 university. Been looking for a job for 8 years and haven't been able to find one. Is it because I'm white and blue-eyed? Is it because I graduated near the top of my class and the perception exists that I won't work for cheap? Is it because my resume is full of volunteer work and leadership roles in community projects?

     Mark, San Jose, CA
Oct 21, 2009, 9:30 am
Ok, enough complaining. What can we do to stop this??? How about a march on Washington to bring notice to our situation? For all of you that have read this article, can you go and visit your government representatives and tell them what is happening and that you are not happy about it and ask them what they intend to do about it? We all need to band together and do something, not just write comments to an article. Any suggestions? I'm willing to get involved, how about the rest of you??

     Janet Hiller, Whitehouse Station USA
Oct 18, 2009, 2:22 am
Iam an IT professional from india. I believe all the stories that have been said here and i have seen some of it with my own eyes. One such incident made me to return to india 6 yrs ag The worst aspect of this whole thing is these indian companies now exporting their management skills ( oppressive tactics, low salary , all for profit , threats ) to all over the world. Wait for some more years. They will bring down the middle class in the whole world. Wake up america. Stop L1s and H1Bs.

     arvind, Bangalore,India
Oct 7, 2009, 6:31 am
I don't know what stuns me more: the systematic betrayal by our so-called "representatives", or the ostrich-like denial by those who have not (yet) been personally affected. Either way, my hope for the displaced is that we can see - without blame - the risks of overspecialization, and focus on serving our communities and find new niches. As a fellow displaced IT specialist who has been self-employed since 9/11, I think it is our best option.

     Walt, New York, USA
Sep 28, 2009, 3:50 am
If this is how an American company treats an American woman, are you in any way surprised that no one has faith in America including an immigrant like me? If this is how the USA treats its "own", please explain to what faith anyone could muster in the USA? This woman should look overseas, land a great job and come back after her country comes back (to sanity.) There is still Common Sense/Money/Opportunity in the world for Americans. Good Luck.

     Amman Mohammed, Ethiopia
Sep 24, 2009, 10:24 pm
Why don't these people ever file lawsuits? They'd win millions.

     mark steirer, Dallas, Texas
Sep 24, 2009, 8:44 pm
Have you seen "Debtor's Revolt" on YouTube? The Fed & Wall Street have broken the social contract; now it's our turn to reciprocate. I smell blood...

     Down Time, Macon, Georgia
Sep 24, 2009, 7:53 pm
When textile workers were the first to suffer from cheap overseas labor no one said a word. Whether, it was steel, shipbuilding, electrioics, machinary, or tool shops, etc etc. people said it was good. Free trade brings cheap stuff from overseas. Now the shoe is on the other foot and white collar educated people are lossing there jobs. Yet tariffs are bad. I am sorry but we reap what we sow.

     buchanan, atlanta usa
Sep 24, 2009, 2:14 pm
I have been following the plans against the American economy for some time now and I am not surprised. I do feel dissappointed, as the same stunt the NWO is pulling over the US people, they are doing it here in South Africa. Privatisation of state assets, reducing of stable jobs, opening our economy to the volatile global economy and generally leaving a bleacker future for our youth. All you giving comments better recieve Messiah as there will be no escape, the world is headed for destruction...

     The saint, Cape Town, South Africa
Sep 24, 2009, 3:12 am
Can you point me to a list of companies who have outsourced, in particular those who have replaced existing workers with foreign? Last year it happened here at Neilson Media in Oldsmar and I tried to get attention but with little results. I am putting together a presenation for several Tampa, Pinellas County area 912 Groups. Thanks you, Dave Miller (727) 375-7415

     Dave Miller, New Port Richey, FL
Sep 23, 2009, 9:48 pm
It is abolutely part of the design. It is being done intentionally. Why? Our monetary system is based on Debt. Every dollar is loaned into existence. A fundamental feature of our monetary system is that it requires the money supply to grow 2-3% a year,i.e inflation. It is baked into the cake. Higher Wage pressures from labor are the single biggest danger to the sytem, causing inflation to spiral out of control. Therefore, keeping wages down is a key objective of the Money Powers. It is the Plan

     TBA, SLC, USA
Sep 23, 2009, 4:09 pm
The elephant that no one is talkinig about; Economic war on the Middle Class. How does it work? 1.) Allow Illegal immigrants to take jobs "that Americans are too proud to do" so that there is an abundance of cheap labor below the middle class, then outsource decent paying jobs to lower wage workers in 3rd world countries. End result; bankrupt the tax paying Middle Class, which bankrupts America. Starving masses will gladly abide by Totalitarian rules once they are starving. Ask Orwell.

     Sir Know-it-all, Irvine CA
Sep 23, 2009, 1:20 pm
I belive that this country is totally unfair in any way that you could think of and now that times are rough, the low income are the first to be screwed. YOU never hear of any C E O in this big companies taking a cut in pay why is it that the low income are always getting screwed. If you Don't know people in big time places your screwed The rich man don't care about you the low income person. The credit companies are the biggest ripeoffs out there today they don't care who you are. Thank you M F

     Michael Florkowski, Lincoln Park Mi
Sep 22, 2009, 6:37 pm
Hey Jimmy, I think you're missing the point. I just happen to be a woman and a mother who lost her job to Indians. The same thing is happening to fathers/husbands out there. And I am the farthest thing from a "feminist crusader." I'm just a normal person who wants to keep a job based on my skill, performance, and experience, not the color of my skin. I think it's important Americans are made aware of the systematic dismantling of the US that is occurring from hiring foreign workers.

     Diane, Peoria, USA
Sep 22, 2009, 5:41 pm
JPMorgan Chase is offshoring jobs while accepting YOUR taxpayer. Foreign banks like your taxpayer dollars as well. Yay Globalism, Free Trade and the Fed.

     Ted, USA
Sep 22, 2009, 2:23 pm
So "Alice" and "Diane" and "Stephanie" had no compunction about displacing fathers and husbands in the workforce, but now we should all feel sorry for them because foreigners have taken away their jobs. Oh, boo hoo hoo, what will the feminist crusaders do now! The schadenfreude is killing me.

Sep 22, 2009, 1:41 pm
See Solari.com, also Karmabank.com, where you can organize investment around the worst actors.

     yc, Los Angeles
Sep 22, 2009, 12:41 pm
Boy, guest workers sure have been good for America. And Bill Clinton's "Engage China", "free trade" sure have worked wonders too. The goal here is to bankrupt us, default on our loans, and start WW3. China will invade and wipe us out with superior numbers (4 to 1) and once all our wealth and technology has been stripped we won't be able to defend ourselves. The goal of the NWO banksters is to end the U.S. and destroy the Constitution so a NWO can be put in place and slaves created at gunpoint.

     Bobo, San Jose, USA
Sep 22, 2009, 12:27 pm
As an unemployed software engineer with 24 years of extensive experience who has been replaced 6 times by H1B's thanks for the great article. In my last job I proved to the management that because of my experience I could produce on a scale of 20 to 1 or more in building UNIX and java based systems over the Indians. I built systems at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time. Unfortunately their business plan was outsourcing and H1B's no matter what the cost. I am convinced this is no

     unemployed, Centreville, VA
Sep 22, 2009, 10:05 am
The President is right, the United States needs to create 150,000 jobs each month to keep pace with out own skyrocketing population. According to the President we are only creating 50,000 jobs each month. This means that we are creating 100,000 too few jobs each month. That means we are looking at a jobs deficit of 1.2 million over the next year (if the economy keeps improving). Why then do these United States continue to issue 125,000 foreign worker permits each month and 35,000 green cards to foreign workers? This adds up to 160,000 foreign workers per month. Why are we allowing 160,000 foreign workers each month to compete against unemployed Americans when we are facing a monthly jobs deficit of 100,000?

     ConcernedAmerican, San Jose USA
Sep 22, 2009, 9:59 am
This is by design folks. The global elite are running down the economy to eliminate the middle class and make us all dependent on government. By middle class, I'm also talking upper middle class as well. As the private federal reserve bank prints more fiat currency and devalues our dollar, inflation occurs. We have to make more money here to keep up with rising costs. This opens the door for corporations to hire workers from third world countries whose economies have already been decimated.

     BeTrueSeekTruth, Pittsburgh PA , USA
Sep 22, 2009, 9:48 am
H1b's may be cheap in the short term; in the long term their inability to get the job done, understand the basic business of an organization, and fake resumes come back to haunt the employer. The H1b/L1 program are major reasons the United States can't innovate anymore.

Sep 22, 2009, 8:49 am
Exactly, Americans are not out of work because of the economy. The economy is in the dumps because we have and continue to put highly skilled, highly compensated TAX PAYING Americans out of work. So not only are these people no longer using their "lost" purchasing power to stimulate this economy but the govt. is also missing that tax revenue! How is it sane for a govt. to put their own people out of work? It really isn't rocket science here...

     Mat, Cincinnati, Ohio
Sep 21, 2009, 9:29 pm
JOBS: IF the greedy, spineless & morally bankrupt president (past & present) and members of both political parties weren't beholden to the the 1-World Order or NWO, these measures would help our economy immediately: 1. End NAFTA, GATT, WTO. 2. End the tax breaks of every corporation who: Offshores, outsources & uses all manner of Visa Workers/Illegal aliens. 3. Send ALL visa workers/Illegal aliens home. 4. Heavily tarriff all foreign goods. 5. End the Corporate Personhood Law.

     Roxan, San Jose, CA 95136
Sep 21, 2009, 9:29 pm
JOBS: IF the greedy, spineless & morally bankrupt president (past & present) and members of both political parties weren't beholden to the the 1-World Order or NWO, these measures would help our economy immediately: 1. End NAFTA, GATT, WTO. 2. End the tax breaks of every corporation who: Offshores, outsources & uses all manner of Visa Workers/Illegal aliens. 3. Send ALL visa workers/Illegal aliens home. 4. Heavily tarriff all foreign goods. 5. End the Corporate Personhood Law.

     Roxan, San Jose, CA 95136
Sep 21, 2009, 9:16 pm
Well, Guess it is only fair if Americans start to BOYCOTT these companies that screw us! We should also start pulling our money out of the criminal banking system. Let all of them fail. Vote out your representatives who are screwing you too.

     stephanie, CA
Sep 21, 2009, 8:21 pm
So what's your point? Whatever you want to call it, it's state aid.

     Diane, Peoria, USA
Sep 14, 2009, 4:36 pm
The economy is hurting because we are unemployed. We are not unemployed due to the slumping economy. Unemployment Insurance Benefits is Insurance, not Welfare. As employees, we paid into unemployment Insurance 'premiums'. When we are unemployed, we receive unemployment benefits after we put in a claim. It's an insurance claim not welfare.

     odd1, chicago USA